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HADDAD & HADDAD Law Firm was founded in 1970, merging from being an Office to a Law Firm. For almost 40 years, we have been attending the legal cases of our community with great profession and accuracy.

Georges Ripert once said: “We continue to claim that nobody is supposed to ignore the law. But we must give some credit to those who know it”. Our team of credible lawyers covers legal problems of diverse nature and reclaim, for our clientele, their rights. With our extensive legal library and reference resources, we are confident that your case will be resolved righteously.

Mounir.N.Haddad (Founder)


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  • Trademarks: Investing with "distinction".

  • Professional Debtors: '' To sue or not to sue ''.

  • Foreign Landlords in Lebanon: Possibilities & Options.

  • Franchise: Franchisees Franchising Franchisors.

  • Simplifying Business Entities – Types, Benefits & Costs.

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